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About Us

Who is Anka Kuş Parfüm?

Anka Kuş Parfüm is a niche parfumerie based in Melbourne Australia. We pride ourselves on concocting out-of-the-box fragrances which mesmerise and linger on the mind as well as the senses.

My Story

ANKA KUŞ PARFÜM: (aŋkʰa kʰuʃ)

Pronounced: Ahn-Kah Koosh Par-foom

Definition:  Phoenix Bird from the Ashes

Established in 2018. First Fragrance released in 2019.

I possess a burning desire for creative expression.

I work independently in Melbourne, Australia. I aim to produce left-field, eclectic fragrances that are full of whimsy and quirkiness. Fragrances that are bold and evocative which draw inspiration from my many passions:

History, Travel, Faith, Film, Sport, Art, Literature and Pop-Culture.

The artwork I produce for my labels are predominantly inspired by historical art, vintage posters and perfume of yesteryear. Creating these brings me immense pleasure, adding to the whole experience.

Our Mission

To create luxurious fragrances that will make the world a happier place. Perfume that will provide olfactory journeys to people to times and places in the past to remain long in the memory. They will be time capsules of sorts to whisk the user away to exotic locales and relive beautiful memories of the past.