About us

Established in 2018.

Working independently in Melbourne, Australia, we live and breathe for creative expression.

We aim to produce left-field, eclectic fragrances that provide olfactory journeys to people to times and places in the past to remain long in the memory.
Fragrances that are bold and evocative which draw inspiration from our many
passions: History, Travel, Faith, Film, Sport, Art, Literature and

The artwork we produce for our labels are predominantly inspired by
the art, posters and perfume of yesteryear and creating these brings us immense
pleasure, adding to the whole experience.

Fragrance is a liquid art form. It's both ethereal and powerful- much
like we perceive memory. Our olfactory senses are profoundly linked to our
memories and emotions; that process of reminiscence is truly beautiful.
Perfume possesses a wondrous ability to whisk you away to a different time
and place.

Using mostly exquisite absolutes and naturals sourced from all over the
world, in an aim to produce passionate pieces of olfactive poetry.




'Trading as Anka Kus Parfum' 

ACN:  660 927 195

ABN:  39 660 927 195