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ankakus parfum



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Top:          Bergamot, Musk

Heart:      Carnation, Rose, Iris, Tulip, Hyacinth, Mimosa, Lily, Violet Leaf

Base:       Oakmoss, Ink, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Leather, Woods notes


With wide-eyed optimism, an adventure awaits.

Purposely lost in the woodland.

The trees carry imperial greenery. The sweet smell of earth. 

The forest resembles pieces of art. Light and colour at play. 

A multi-faceted, sombre green. Cold, yet invigorating. Independent. 

A shrouding mist envelopes like a grey spectre. 

Comforting. Charming. 

The air is filled with haunting blossoms. 

My feet planted on the cool soil, my face pointed skyward, waiting. 

Caressed by the droplets.

The melody of serenity begins to wash away my chaos. 

Embraced by it, feeling surrounded and safe. The universal truth. 

Every drop has a story. Every drop evokes memories.

Each bead echoes through the vault-still silence of the trees. 

Drenched to the bone, I've never felt happier.

I feel smudged like a Monet masterpiece. 

Returning to civilisation, 

the soothing thrumming off the cobblestones,

continue to perform.

The flowers bloomed, rejoicing in Love. 

Cold noses, pruned fingers and warm hearts. 

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