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ankakus parfum



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Top:              Rose

Heart:          Smoke, Jasmine, Iris, Lavender, Ambergris

Base:           Amber, Oakmoss, Leather, Frankincense, Tonka Bean, Woods notes


Clouds of smoke envelope the foggy, overcast morning, like a thick cashmere blanket. 

Comforting and warm. The sky is grey and misty. There’s a slight chill in the air. 

Smoky, resinous notes abound. The moss is calming. The joy of the familiar is soothing and meditative to the soul. 

The air is electric, like those moments before a storm. 

Natural. Serene. Sentimental. Timelessly elegant. 

Purple ash floating through a sky of sunbeams.

Lavender vividly shining through the smoky, woody notes.

The icy purity of the blossoms meeting the warm, earthy sweetness.

Evocative. Evolving. Translucent. 

It is akin to an Autumn night, absorbing the heat of a fireplace ablaze or the hint of a bonfire that lingers on your clothing. 

Tonka adding a sweet creaminess to the composition. 

A smoky, rich lavender, coupled with a steamy hot iron accord, resting on warm, crisp linen.

This is juxtaposed by the sombre mood of iris which wistfully borders on melancholy.

Warmth is infused by rose, amber and powdery incense notes.

“The creation of Violet Cendre was inspired by the Lutens classic, Gris Clair

This is my loving homage to Christopher Sheldrake’s masterpiece. 

VC is my interpretation of his work by creating it with a high dose of natural ingredients.”

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